Dark disco diva Beca creates sensual and emotive pop that will have you spellbound at first listen. The NYC to LA transplant’s critically acclaimed catalog re-imagines '80s/'90s pop, intimate lyrics, and dreamy synths into an ethereal sonic sphere. Her lush and dancey songs envelop the listener in a woozy and emotive haze of rubbery basslines, infectious beats, and intrepid electronic textures. The dynamic talent has been described as "if Cold Cave enlisted Kylie Minogue to collaborate on their latest project” (The Deli Magazine). 

Beca has released two EPs via UK label This Is Music Ltd. (Charli XCX, Little Boots) and recently dropped her debut full-length album ‘Ecliptic' in 2015. She has worked with such notable names as producer Morgan Wiley of Midnight Magic and remixers Ashley Beedle, Klic, Night Drive, and Madeaux and has garnered praise from a variety of tastemaking outlets that have said her "wispy, ethereal electro-pop" (Stereo Gum) and "trance-like" (Lucky Magazine) silky vocals will leave your "heart racing" (Flaunt Magazine). “Her talent…and breezy voice [are] worth listening to over and over again” (Filter Magazine). Her last LP accrued radio spins from over 50 stations nationwide including NPR’s “The Essentials” and LA’s famed KCRW, enchanting listeners and critics alike. Live performance highlights include CMJ, SXSW, Miami Fashion Week, Sundance Film Festival, POP Montreal, and NXNE. 

Beca’s latest project, EP 'Precious Gold,' will be released in early 2017. Produced by Blake Robin of LUXXURY, it is a masterstroke of shimmering, retro-futuristic dance-pop that reflects a time of transition and hope. Setting the bar high, the pair gives us a tantalizing taste of the treats yet to come with the seductively sentimental debut single “Future Foreigner.”



"...Something a little darker to sooth the needs of that black-hearted princess inside of you...[Beca's] haunting vocals mixed with dazzling pop-synths give us that perfect mix of yin and yang; good girl…and bad." - Angie Piccirillo

Beca Trips the Light Galactic on ‘Future Foreigner' - PopCrush Premiere

“A dreamy, magical concoction…a dash of Kylie Minogue, a sprinkling of Little Boots and a dollop of Sophie Ellis Bextor." - Erica Russell


"A glimmering synth-saturated dreamscape....Beca’s hypnotically vaporous vocals are accompanied perfectly by moist bass-lines and analog synth tones that would surely have ‘80s horror director John Carpenter golf clapping in approval." - Tyrell Trimble


"Electro pop artist Beca's mix of dance and synth pop sounds brings back the term throwback in the best possible way. Her kinetic songs demand your immediate response, with dark, Euro disco-tinged rhythms that could be described as if Cold Cave enlisted Kylie Monigue to collaborate on their latest project. Which exhibits the potency of her focus: Beca surely wants you to join the dancefloor, but she'd appreciate it if you'd pay attention to her propulsive tempos, too." - Juan Rodríguez

WHAT’S IN YR FRIDGE, BECA? – Flaunt Magazine

"Your pupils are dilated, your heart is racing, and you’ve suddenly got a hankering for ripped t-shirts and fingerless gloves. No, you’re not high, but you may as well be. Streaming Beca’s latest LP Ecliptic is like taking your first bump (sans any regrets of abandoned purity). You’re euphoric, maybe a bit horny, and ready to let naughtiness ensue. With her dark electro pop sound, reminiscent of Goldfrapp cut with the purest of Kylie Minogue pop, Beca steadily bewitches you, addicting you, begging you to come back for more. Tracks like “Meteor” and “Hunted Me Down“ dream a little dream of catchy hooks that will have you humming along in (till night becomes day and you finally fall asleep). The Juilliard School alumnus serenades you with unmitigated talents. Submission, yes, by the time you’ve finished her album it’s too late. She’s seduced you, had her way with you, and she’s not letting you go. Our recommendation? Keep your eyes closed as you listen to this songstress’ latest collaboration, the Caleb Stone remix of “Ice Cream.” Let the kaleidoscope of color flood your ears, a kind of synesthesia to keep you warm on cold nights when that pesky lover of yours can’t get away."

Mixtape: Danger Village – No Guest List Required - BlahBlahBlahScience

"Propelled by a relentless backbeat, “Enabler” is insatiable, driving forward with timely flourishes of 80s influenced production and BECA’s ethereal vocals."

Beca - MEteor - Teases and dares

"Spacey electronica with a very pop heart beating away...Nice work."

PREMIERE: Beca's Action Packed Video for "Ice Cream" is a Wild Journey – Pure Volume

"The classically trained Juilliard grad mixes classical textures with modern day dance beats to create a memorable, modern sound. The video...has all the hallmarks of an action movie in under five minutes if you can believe that."

Beca’s Debut Album, ‘Ecliptic’ Is Pure Celestial Beauty [Premiere] – Raver Rafting

"Ecliptic will take you places. [Beca's] debut LP transports listeners to a space-aged world captured by silky-smooth indie vocals and blissful melodic verses."

BECA - Enabler – Cloudberry Mornings

"An incredible pop gem by BECA, [a] new artist to watch out for, giving a fresh breath for everything. Her new single, Enabler shines like k-pop inspired outfit, yet the sound is rather supra-exciting due smoothly played and pebbled electro-disco mash topped with pinky girly vocals."

Track of the Day #727 Beca - Enabler – God Is In The TV

"This electro-pop brilliance in the form of Beca‘s 'Enabler'...wastes no time in getting to the good stuff...The melodies are impossibly upbeat, bringing with it a positive twist...with a wispy, breathy, and a bit of an other-worldly quality to the vocals and harmonies, evoking a dream-like image to everything...Subsequent listens reveal something else about it and turning it into something bigger and better every time."

Watch "Meteor" By Beca – EQ Music Blog

"Cosmic nu-disco realness..."

Exclusive Track Premiere: Beca – “Meteor” – A Music Blog Yea

"Flooding with pounding basslines and captivating synth, this hypnotic jam is set to give any new wave lover chills."


"...Epicly beautiful! Watch and swoon..."

Introducing: Beca “Meteor” (Video Premiere) - Ultimate Music

“Meteor“ [is] a dreamy and kaleidoscopal synthpop anthem from start to finish. Her sound is a perfect mix between Little Boots or some Swedish electropop artist like Sirena or Maja Francis. Deliciously good. A glorious ethereal electro-pop gem....Astounding!"

"Bayonet" Music Video by Beca (Premiere) – Free Bike Valet

"...A mesmerizing coalesce of fluid dance moves, contrasting light, and dazzling special effects."

Premiere // Listen to Beca's "Ecliptic" Remix on this Full Moon Saturday – Sound and Silence

"The music video to “Bayonet” features funky dance moves, colorfully trippy visuals and tons of sex appeal. Beca’s vocals are mesmerizing and captivating...The "Ecliptic" remix has been given a new concept to the story of two souls parting ways with one another, reuniting once again after a long time and having completely different outlooks on life. It is a song about transcendence and metamorphosis." 


"Beca’s wispy vocals could easily be compared to GEMS and her electronic production is often somewhere between Slow Magic and Trans Am as exemplified on her latest single, “Bayonet”."

Beca- “Hit To The Head (Loveskills Remix)” Premiere & Free Download – Bass Is My Boyfriend

"Coming off blazing hot from single “Bayonet,” Beca releases an exclusive Loveskills remix of “Hit To The Head” available for a free download! Beca’s inspiration for the song comes from a friend’s near death experience and their second chance at life and love. The feelings that Beca crafted the song around translate to the listeners’ ears with grace and ease. This is a remix match made in heaven as Loveskills’ chill, shoegaze production style meshes perfectly with Beca’s celestially smooth vocals....Out in October, Ecliptic is a culmination of years of saliently creative songwriting and seraphic vocals."

Meet Electro-Pop Artist Beca Dreams – College Living Magazine

"From classical training at Juilliard to creating music in a self-titled “bubblegum bass” genre, Beca Dreams has blazed her own path in the music industry."

Full Thunder Moon Mixtape // Beca –

"We’ve always loved anything from this artist and this mixtape is no exception. A collection of some of the songs that inspired the upcoming Ecliptic LP, we’re sure this mixtape will give you all you need to make it through the night tonight."


"[Beca] has honed her voice into a sound that is both fresh and truly her own...Both [EPs] showcased her talent for whimsical sounds and a breezy voice that is worth listening to over and over again."


"Beca is a young New York artist who started out studying composition at Juilliard but who has since turned her talents toward making wispy, ethereal electro-pop."

Beca - Tattoo Rock Parlour, Toronto - NXNE 2014 - Lithium Magazine

"New York DJ/electro artist Beca took over Tattoo Rock Parlour this past Wednesday night for her NXNE showcase and the Julliard graduate did not disappoint. The was sexy, sultry, vulnerable and smooth. Her music and on stage persona screamed high end seduction...I recall thinking during her performance that her music would've fit in perfectly with the Drive soundtrack, there was an 80's-esque quality about it that probably had a lot to do with the synth, and hidden elements of R&B scattered throughout her set....Hopefully next time she visits we can give her the dance party she deserves."

About To Break - Beca's Dark Electropop – The Tune

"Get to know Beca before she breaks into the music scene in a big way."

XLR8R - Let's Run Wild (Klic Remix)

"Beca (pictured above) is a New York-based artist who has just dropped her debut 12" (to be followed shortly after by the release of her debut EP on March 19). The vinyl A-side cut, "Let's Run Wild" is heavy on the cold-wave vibes, but the flip side offers some intoxicating house, thanks to this rework from London producer Klic (who also operates under the guise Medlar). Truthfully, it sounds like little more than the chopped vocals and occasional synth stabs are shared between the two versions of Run Wild—not that we're complaining, as we can enjoy any slice of soulful, bass-loaded house, no matter what the source material is."

Track of the DaY - CLASH MUSIC

"Listening to Beca is like wandering around New York. Sure, she's got a love for great pop hooks but since when was that a crime?"


"Trance-like pop"


"What: New York singer Beca proves you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover in her music video for “Born to Fly”. Though she spends much of the video vamping it up poolside like a high-end model, her sultry voice and stripped down electro-pop sound, a combination that once earned her comparisons to “a female Serge Gainsbourg produced by the RZA,” proves she’s more than a mere pretty face."

Artist PROFILE - High Voltage

"Beca finds inspiration in things like surrealism. She’s also quite a fan of both the R&B and Industrial of the 1990s. She’s a bit of an enigma."

Top Pops! Beca, BE/\R//FVCE, Kirby Kaiser Bring Feminine Dreams – Redefine Mag

"Beca caught our eye earlier this year with her single and music video for “Fall Into Light” (see our interview with Beca and the music video directors). The lady is now back with “Born To Fly”, which features sensual percussive rhythms that balance out breathy, feminine vocals, the combination of which lies somewhere between babymaking R&B material and water-cruising audio-oasis."

Born To Fly Beca Interview – Arcade 44

"New York singer/songwriter Beca writes pop the way it was meant to be: atmospheric, addictive, and with more than a hint of sex appeal. One thing is for sure—the girl is just too, too fly."

Beca – Born To Fly – blahblahblahscience

"Dance pop gets airborne on “Born To Fly”, the title track previewed here from the forthcoming new EP by sultry NYC dance-floor songstress Beca. The singer’s dreamy vocals layer their intoxicating melody atop a funky jungle groove that lay seductively beneath. Get familiar this new siren on the rise."

Virgin Mobile Live - MP3: BECA BORN TO FLY – Virgin Mobile Live - Abbey's Blog

"Honestly I don’t know too much about Beca other than that she has a new EP on This is Music LTD coming out on November 20th. Now if the company on that label isn’t an endorsement, I don’t know what is! Seriously. Cameron and I should get Pool Ghost off the ground just so we can try and get signed by them. *ANYIspendwaytomuchtimethinkingabouthatWAY* Beca will play a live show at Pianos in New York City on November 13th! Get tickets here, and lady for the love of synthy RnB please release a video already! Download the title track off Beca’s Born to Fly EP below and impress your friends."


"A bit of sexy as fuck, slinky, minimalist R&B reminiscent of Timbaland-era Aaliyah and others."


"If you're looking for a show full of energy and tingling beats this is it."